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Volunteer Abroad Programs

Volunteering has many benefits including gaining skills and knowledge, meeting new people, socializing and enhancing employment opportunities. Plus it can be so much fun! WPDG has great and affordable volunteering opportunities abroad that would perfectly suit for those who aim to contribute meaningfully towards the global society. World Partners for Development-Ghana offers certificate of completion to all volunteers.

Public/Community Health & Medical Research Program

Our world-class Public/Community Health Volunteer Program enable volunteers to work in community health programs and also in our partner community clinics and hospitals in Ghana. At post, volunteers are trained, oriented, and have the opportunity to work side-by-side with our field team and also experience staff members and medical professionals who are on the front lines of providing health care to communities in need. Our program is open to volunteers of all ages and educational or professional backgrounds. Individual volunteers as well as groups are welcome to travel at any time during the year and for any length of time. Students in programs such as: Pre-Med, Public Health, Community Health, Pharmacy, Nursing, Health sports, Sciences, and any other health programs will gain a lot of experience and exposure to enhance their academic and future career through the program. The community health program also introduce volunteers to traditional and herbal medicines in Ghana. No other local organization in Ghana provides high impact global health volunteer program than World Partners for Development-Ghana.


Teaching Assistants Program


World Partners for Development believes that every child deserves a basic education. Every day across Ghana, our volunteers are helping to build the future of children by participating in our community school programs and Teaching Projects. Whether you are new to the field or have some experience, every volunteer teacher has something to offer. You can be Teacher Volunteer in Ghana as part of a gap year, a study break, a career break, or a hobby. 


Teaching Assistants Volunteers will be assisting local school teachers with classes or leading your own classes and teaching children and teenagers in Primary through High Schools in  subjects such as: English, basic computer skills, organic gardening and farming, math, science, social studies, social enterprise ventures, sports/games, taekwondo, art, drama, music, and many more. Any talent you have to impact in children for a better future. Volunteers also assist in our school shoe distribution program and other educational and awareness programs. 

Sanitation & Environmental Program

Participating volunteers will be working with our field team to support communities in sanitation, personal hygiene, and waste management programs. Such exposure will also empower volunteers to learn more about our community water, sanitation and waste management programs in Ghana. Volunteers will get real experience in the design and the construction of our innovative Microflush Toilets in local communities. Volunteers also participate in community hygiene and waste management education in schools and communities. Volunteers can also perform research work in community water, sanitation, waste management and environmental impact in Ghana. Volunteers also assist in our community-based environmental education programs.

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Cross-Cultural Studies & Research


It is the cultural coherence or decoherence within and between human communities: human behavior, beliefs, and institutions. Human communities have a variety of practices, beliefs, social roles, norms, expressions, forms of organization and conflicts (economic, political, legal, religious, expressive and artistic) that exhibit various sorts of internal coherence as well as cleavages within communities.

Do you want to have a real life field experience to study about Africa, especially Ghana, instead of reading from books or watching videos? Then this is the world-class program for your studies, research work, and your everyday life. This program empowers student volunteers or interns , researchers, GAP students, and anyone to have extensive experience working in collaboration with Indigenous communities to conduct cultural studies, research, and also have hands-on training.