Our Areas of Action

Youth Entrepreneurship Skills (YES)

As demographic pressure and the youth bulge in most underserved communities pose severe intergenerational  poverty and employment challenges, WPD is one of the youth-serving organizations, dedicated to promoting a culture of entrepreneurship, innovation and business development in such communities. Our collaborative programs provide relevant hands-on experiences that give students and unemployed community youth, the knowledge skills in entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and work readiness.

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WPD is passionate about contributing to the development of a healthy and productive community. We believe that if individuals live healthy lives then they can be empowered to lift themselves out of poverty and be productive members of the society. Through collaboration and partnership with other NGOs, local hospitals, clinics, and volunteers, we offer programs in the area of community health awareness and preventive programs, infectious disease, and nutrition to save lives in poor underserved communities. 


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Community-Based Environmental Education

This collaborative program increases environment awareness and knowledge among community youth and school children. It empowers youth and school children to participate and take up meaningful environmental participatory programs that empowers them to engage in environmental behavior that help combat practices that degrade the environment such as land/coastal litter and pollution. This program helps schools create functional student-led businesses that are both educational and income profitable in waste recyclable products.

Sustainable Sanitation

According to UNICEF, about 4,000 Ghanaian children die each year from diarrhea due to poor sanitation, and only 2 out of 5 schools in Ghana have toilets or pit latrines and running water. Working in collaboration with other NGOs and stakeholders to address such challenges, our organization has designed an Eco-friendly and innovative toilet technology which are being constructed in many rural underserved communities in Ghana. Through our Ghanaba Program in Sanitation (GPS), many local communities and schools have benefited from our innovative sanitation and hygiene program.

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