WPD-Ghana: A leading grassroots NGO in Ghana with the most Innovative & Sustainable Programs

World Partners for Development-Ghana (WPDG) is a well recognized registered grassroots NGO fully incorporated under Ghana's Registered Generals Department, with registration number G-20723.


We have been working in Ghana underserved communities for the past 15 years - and we are not stopping now. We collaborate to improve the quality of life in underserved communities by promoting participatory innovative solutions that empowers community members to overcome economic, environmental and social issues. 


A group of thoughtful, committed citizens came together in 2006 to create WPDG. 

Our Mission

WPDG  is committed to enhancing the quality of life by providing self-sufficiency programs through collaboration and community involvement.

Vision Statement

We envisioned effective programs that empower underprivileged people to build sustainable, healthy and productive communities.

   Our Model

  • We Identify the Areas with Most Need

  • Raising Funds

  • Bring Together Partners and Community Members

  • Self-Sustainable Development

  • Providing Sustainable Projects & Capacity Building

Our program of actions contribute to the achievement

of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

About WPD-Ghana

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